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Your skin is your personal palette that lives with you and supports your other organs your entire lifetime. Treat it well! 

Pretty Pale provides skin tips that are nourishing, vibrant and easy-to-follow.  Your healthy look will be the envy of all your friends! 

Pretty Pale will help you visualize what sun safety means to your seasonal wardrobe .

Fashion makes sun safety fun!

Everyday dedicated men and women are involved in cancer research and making tremendous strides in Skin Cancer and Melanoma. Recently through diligent Lobbying, they have been instrumental in not only prolonging the lifespan but also improving the quality of life for those suffering.  We feel pride knowing our hard work to bring this cause is paying off.



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Although we excel at hands-on on instruction and educating people, we are always seeking opportunities to raise money for our cause. Whether it be through private events, sponsorships, other charities, beauty events, fundraisers or online donations, every penny helps us to education people nationwide about healthy Sun Safety habits.

Even a donation of 1.00 makes a difference in the lives of others. 


Take the Pretty Pale Pledge and agree to be comfortable in your own skin without resorting to natural or artificial tanning.You can help our mission by educating others about the dangers of tanning and the beauty of health and wellness. 

Now, pay it forward! Who will you sign up?  

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Pretty Pale - Skin Cancer And Melanoma Awareness Bracelets / Uv Wristbands: Sundicators

Since 2012, Pretty Pale has acted as a (role) model for Skin Cancer and Melanoma Awareness nationwide. We use real world fashion & beauty examples along with Pretty Pale's - skin cancer and melanoma awareness UV wristbands called Sundicators.  Our experience and tangible products help us champion sunless beauty initiatives nationwide. Avoid sunburn, sun damage and celebrate your healthy skin.


As experienced (role) models, we believe tangible educational tips along with Sun Safety Aids are the most productive way of teaching Skin Cancer and Melanoma Awareness.  We do not use scare tactics that lack inspiration or  examples.  We exude energy, passion, creativity and positive energy through achievable scenarios that promote to a healthy life-style. 

You don't need to make a financial donation to make a difference in the lives of others.  

All Pretty Pale (Role) Models are busy with their full time work but find great pleasure in volunteering their time to encourage you to look and feel your healthy best!  

W​e work with a wide range of professionals that provide in-kind services to help us accomplish our goals. ​These professionals include but are not limited to: Dermatologists, celebrities, retailers, spas, skincare companies, apparel companies, beauty schools, textile companies, sunscreen companies, cosmetic companies and other non-fashion or beauty related businesses that offer us their generous support to substantiate our efforts. Thankfully.​​

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