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One of the primary reasons I founded my first Sun Safe Company Kspin Designs, a children's clothing boutique, in 2007, a children's clothing boutique, was to significantly raise awareness of Melanoma and Skin Cancer nationwide, as well as the methods of its prevention. I myself was diagnosed with melanoma at 27.   My life was subsequently changed forever. 

I have come to know numerous men, women and children who are fighting Melanoma, along with many who have lost their battle. Their stories are heartbreaking, and the most agonizing thing about them is that so many of these cases might have been avoided with simple education.   That is why I decided to further my efforts with Pretty Pale -  Skin Cancer and Melanoma Awareness Bracelets UV Wristbands called Sundicators which are sun safety aids that remind the wearer when to re-apply sunscreen or when to seek shade.

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One of the biggest keys to winning this fight is to start educating early. As a (role) Model, it is important to teach children early-on simple preventative techniques that will carry them through their formative years. Instructing them to use sunscreen and avoid unnecessary tanning could very easily save their lives. Unquestionably, one of the best weapons we can employ against Skin Cancer and Melanoma is a greater knowledge of the methods of averting it.
As Pretty Pale and the need for Sun Safety grows, so will your appreciation for this important cause. Our (role) Models will always be men and women of all ages and nationalities whose healthy skin is both achievable, and something to aspire to. I promise to carry forward everything I have learned working as an Expert in Fashion and Beauty that will help you to love your natural skin.  Pretty Pale and all of its resources do all possible to encourage you to love your sunless skin as much as we do.   

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